Quality assurance

WYSIWYG dialog editor
All the texts that are to be translated are displayed in the context of the application. This means that Visual Localize displays all the dialogs and menus in a real-time editor. Once the translation has been completed, this layout view is taken over 1:1 in the final target files, ensuring that the translation is of the highest, context-sensitive quality.

Fuzzy matching
The fuzzy search function increases productivity and enhances terminology consistency. It allows you to find phonetically similar terms (e.g. cat-flap, catflap or cat flap) or spelling mistakes, and to replace them with uniform terminology.

User filters
Various filter functions for your localization project increase the translator’s productivity.

Comment function
To achieve high-quality terminology, it is crucial that developers or project managers are able to add detailed instructions for the translator directly next to the phrase that is to be translated.

Automatic assignment of keyboard accelerators
To produce an error-free translation, it is necessary to assign unique accelerators (keyboard accelerators such as the letter “S” for “Save”).
Visual Localize features a convenient function that helps you to assign these accelerators for menus and dialogs. This ensures that your application can continue to be comfortably operated using the keyboard once it has been translated.

Layout reset
When adapting the graphical user interface (GUI), any changes made to the size and position of one or more controls can be reset to the original settings.

Dictionary support
Compile your own theme or product-specific dictionaries for a consistent terminology. These Visual Localize dictionaries can also be used to pretranslate other software applications.

Check functions
Localized modules can be checked at the click of a button for various errors, such as translated texts which are too long for the corresponding button or dialog, overlapping controls or double assigned accelerators. This prevents the localized application from malfunctioning.




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