Product features

Extremely short familiarization period: No other software localization tool is faster to learn and features all the important functions for effective localization.

License import / export: The project manager can send his license to a translator by e-mail in just 2 minutes. Visual Localize is the most cost-effective and simplest solution available on the market today, particularly for multinational companies who collaborate with external agencies or freelance translators.

Layout consistency function: A check routine displays all the GUI elements that have been changed during the translation process and which could cause problems later. This enables the project manager to save a lot of time he would otherwise spend on adapting the GUI and presents him with an error-free, localized user interface.

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor: In-context translating enhances the quality of the translation as the translator is able to find the right terms much more easily. A consistent, context-sensitive translation means smooth workflows for later users of the software or machine.

Revision verification: When you update your software, you only have to translate the new or changed contents. This means that you do not have to start every translation from scratch, as is the case with translation lists. You save a lot of time and money and improve the terminological consistency of your translation.

Automatic reutilization: The automatic translation of known phrases accelerates the translation process and improves the quality of the terminology. Defining exceptions, write-protecting original phrases or limiting the number of characters for certain output devices helps you to process special cases while translating.

Administrator / Translator mode: This protects sensitive application modules against improper editing (e.g. modification of the graphical user interface).
Product features

Automation using a script file: Automating the most critical localization tasks saves you a lot of time. For example, you can automatically import a new version of your source files (*.dic) into Visual Localize or use defined dictionary files for pretranslating, and then create the completed target files.

Creation of satellite assemblies: Satellite assemblies (*.resources.dll) can be created from your .NET base assemblies at the click of a button. The implementation of different languages has never been so easy!

Localization of graphics: Adapting graphics to regional conventions considerably enhances the quality, and therefore the local acceptance, of the localized application. To achieve this, you can use Visual Localize to replace graphics embedded in binary files (e.g. *.bmp, *.ico).

Fuzzy matching: The fuzzy search feature considerably improves the quality of the terminology used in your translation, as the configurable concordance threshold also enables you to find and substitute similar texts or spelling mistakes. Searching for “open”, for instance, returns the results “open”, “Open” and “o-pen”.

TRADOS TMX Level 1 export / import: The ability to use existing translations (e.g. from an existing TRADOS™ translation memory) in Translation Memory eXchange or TMX format to pretranslate your software saves time and money. Translated software phrases can naturally also be exported from Visual Localize into a translation memory.

Automatic assignment of accelerators: In the event of keyboard accelerator conflicts (e.g. &Save gives Save), it is often necessary to spend a lot of time searching for new combinations or unused accelerators. Visual Localize therefore automatically assigns new combinations at the click of a button, saving you a considerable amount of time in the process.

Statistics functions: Whether you are writing quotations for translation agencies or calculating internal cost and time requirements, Visual Localize now provides you with detailed statistics such as the total number of words, the number of words that need translating, the number of standard translated lines or 100% repeats, percentage length increase, etc.).

Localization of online help files: Visual Localize supports the localization of compiled help files (*.chm). This allows you to translate your software together with any ancillary products based on identical terminology.

Layout reset: When adapting the graphical user interface (GUI), several control elements may be superimposed in different “layers”. To adapt the control element in the bottom layer to the target language, all of the elements on top of it have to be moved. With the new position or size reset function, all of the control elements can now be reset to their correct position or size.




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