Product features

Our Visual Localize (PREMIUM) Edition includes all product features of the (NET) Edition.
The (PREMIUM) Edition offers the following additional product features:

MS databases (MS Access / MS SQL Server)
An easy-to-use wizard allows you to translate database tables (MS Access / MS SQL Server) without any risk of corrupting the database structure.

XML engine
Any XML tags or attributes can be translated in the (PREMIUM) Edition. Individual XML structures can be freely configured for translation by defining the XML nodes or attributes that are to be translated in an easy-to-use wizard. This means that you can localize your company-specific XML structures without accidentally changing the structure of the XML file during translation. There is even a Layout Preview function which uses XSL (eXtensible StyLesheet) files.

Add-in for across® and Trados®
With the add-in for Trados® Workbench and the across® language server you can access existing Trados® / across® Translation Memories while localizing software in Visual Localize. The Trados® / across® add-in offers direct access to the Translation Memory without requiring synchronization (export from Trados® / across® and import in Visual Localize).




... is now available and can be downloaded


USB dongle for Visual Localize available


Visual Localize is available either with software license key or with hardware protection via USB...