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Our application is created in the MS .NET Framework. Some texts on our User Controls are not displayed when I enter the modules into the Visual Localize project. How can I make these texts translatable?

  1. Close Visual Localize.
  2. Open the "Visloc.ini" file in the "Visual Localize" directory in your "Program files" directory.
  3. At the bottom of the source code you find the section "Additional localizable objects".
  4. Add all names of the properties which contain text for translation to the attribute " NETLocalizableProperties". Multiple names need to be separated by comma. E.g. "HeaderText" instead of "Column1.HeaderText".
  5. Save the changes in your "VisLoc.ini".
  6. Start Visual Localize.
  7. Open your project file.
  8. Reload all affected modules by right-clicking them. Choose the source files again and click "OK".
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Is it possible to sign a .NET resource file with a *.snk file in a script file (*.vls) using the CREATEFILES function?

For .NET binaries a *.snk file can be specified in the script file. When you use the CREATEFILES function, the .NET assemblies are signed automatically with the referenced *.snk files. Therefore the path must be specified in the *.vls file using the following syntax:
createfiles "[Drive]:\[Path_to_your_Visual_Localize_project_file]\[Name_of_your_project_files].prj" "[Drive]:\[Destination_path_for_target_files]\" /net /o /key:"file.snk"
For .NET resources this function will be soon available, too.

TXT: Tutorial for script automation

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Some menu alternatives that are set dynamically in the code cannot be translated. How can I translate them?

It is necessary that all language dependent phrases are stored in resources (e.g. the String Table, Menus or Dialogs).
These three resources can be directly localized with Visual Localize in case that the phrases are not hard-coded (in double quotas in the source code).
In your case you could also try to store the text of your dynamical menu items in the string table.
In case that you use Microsoft .NET as development environment, you will also have to set the attribute "localizable = true" for all resources which need to be localized.

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