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Are you tired of investing time and money in the translation of your software?

Are you familiar with the problem of having to start translating your software again from scratch with every new release without being able to use previous translations, thereby consuming valuable resources?

That is why we have developed a professional software translation tool capable of solving all your localization-related problems:

Visual Localize supports and simplifies the process of translating your Windows applications (16-bit, 32-bit & .NET), as well as MS databases (MS Access / MS SQL) and XML data.

This achieves a dramatic reduction in the time and complexity associated with software localization, which in turn cuts translation costs considerably.

With Visual Localize, you can translate your software into any language.

Its many advantages (e.g. various import and verification functions) make Visual Localize an interesting tool for developers, translators and anybody else involved in your project’s translation process.

  • Reusability
    The high degree of reusability of previously translated phrases cuts costs and improves quality. Only changed and new content in updates or new releases of your software has to be translated. In that way the localization effort is reduced up to 90% after the initial translation in most cases.
  • Time-to-Market
    Rapid market deployment of high-quality, localized national versions of your software in new regional markets (e.g. China, Japan and eastern Europe). This means a real competitive edge.
  • Cost reductions
    Simplified translation processes cut localization costs and reduce the workloads of your IT specialists and developers. 
  • Enhanced quality
    Standard translations need to be made only once. They are reused for all occurences. In this way a consistent terminology over all file types and components in the localization project is generated. It ensures a fluent work flow, while at the same time reducing the risk of errors. This is an important quality feature to the end user.
  • Process optimization
    Optimization of coordination workflows in the localization project and automation of the most critical localization tasks. This obviates the need to repeatedly send translation lists back and forth (e.g. as Excel tables). Engineers can focus on their principal activities. The time for pre-processing of the data and project management efforts are reduced.




... is now available and can be downloaded


USB dongle for Visual Localize available


Visual Localize is available either with software license key or with hardware protection via USB...