STEP 3: Create localized program files

Video instruction:

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It's so easy to get your localized files:

  • Did you translate all texts in your software?
    Check the red check marks on the module icons to know at a glance whether all modules are translated.
  • Create your bundle of translated application files (EXE, DLL, XML, CHM,...) at the press of a button:
    You will get a translated version of all modules contained in your localization project (*.prj) gespeicherten. Now your developer can integrate these modules into the software just like the original files. This allows you to get your software ready for international markets in no time at all.
  • Create Microsoft™ .NET Satellite Assemblies
    Click the checkbox in the column Sat.Assem. to create Microsoft™.NET Satellite Assemblies. All .NET base assemblies (*.EXE or *.DLL) will be automatically recognized as developed on basis of a Microsoft™ .NET Framework. Visual Localize creates a corresponding .NET satellite assembly (*.resources.dll) for these base assemblies you if the checkbox is activated. The target path will be modified automatically according to the Microsoft™ naming conventions for Satellite Assemblies.
  • For the next release of your software only new phrases need to be translated!
    All existing translations and adjustments of the graphical user interface (GUI) can be fully leveraged whend the next version of your software is released. This will achieve an average pretranslation degree of 90%.




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