Visual Localize (NET) Edition

Our (NET) Edition is a professional software localization tool for the demanding developer and regular translator.

Visual Localize (NET) Edition supports the entire localization process for 16-bit and 32-bit Windows applications (*.EXE, *.DLL, *.OCX) and the localization of .NET applications created using C# or VB.NET. Visual Localize (NET) is suitable for translating .NET base assemblies (*.exe, *.dll), strong named assemblies and resource files (*.resX, *.resource).

With the (NET) Edition, you can also easily translate Java resource and Java property files and other key pair files (e.g. TXT or INI files).

Visual Localize (NET) supports all languages. It cuts translation costs and reduces the complexity of your translation process.


The script automation feature enables you to automate recurring localization tasks, e.g. updating your localization project after making changes to translatable application files - for example after a daily build or a new release - or creating target files.

Localization of .NET assemblies
Visual Localize (NET) is suitable for translating .NET base assemblies (*.exe, *.dll), strong named assemblies and resource files (*.resX, *.resource). Satellite assemblies (*.resources.dll) for your software can be created from the base assemblies at the click of a button. The implementation of different languages has never been so easy!




... is now available and can be downloaded


USB dongle for Visual Localize available


Visual Localize is available either with software license key or with hardware protection via USB...